Create Your Recipe Book.

Basil is a smart recipe book for iPad that helps you find, organize and cook recipes. Discover new recipes from the best recipe sites or add your own and they'll always be there, ready to cook.

Your Favorite Recipes.

Search the web's best recipe sites all at once, and when you find just the right recipe, add it to Basil with a single tap. And add your own personal recipes, too, so your favorite recipes are always in the same place.

Beautifully Simple.

Basil is obsessively focused on making cooking easier. Recipes are set in big, readable text so you can read them at a glance, and special tools help make things quicker.

Photos, Photos, Photos.

You can add photos to your recipes and Basil saves them for recipes from the web, too. Browsing your recipe photos adds a whole mouth-wateringly new dimension.

Save Anywhere.

Save recipes from the world's best recipe sites like Food Network, Serious Eats and All Recipes with one tap. And since we love all those great recipe blogs, Basil makes it easy to save from everywhere else, too.



Find a recipe using Basil's quick search or in Safari on your iPad.



Tap save to add it to your library.



When you're ready, your recipe will always be there ready to cook.

Always Organized.

Don't worry about organizing your recipes—Basil does it for you. Say you want to make breakfast. Tap "breakfast," and Basil will show you all of your breakfast recipes. Hmm. Maybe you want something with bacon; tap "bacon," and you'll see just your breakfast recipes with bacon. Mmm, bacon.

No folders necessary.

When you save a new recipe, Basil auto-tags it with main ingredients and makes it quick to mark the meal and cuisine type, so your recipes are always organized.

With simplicity comes power.

Basil includes a great list of meal types, cuisine types and main ingredients, but if you want to add your own, no problem. The tags list is fully customizable so you can add your own meal types, cuisine types and ingredients, or remove ones you don't care about.

Tools to Help You Cook.

Basil has special tools to make cooking easier.

Auto Timers

Basil turns time directions ("sauté for 5 minutes") into buttons which start a timer. No need to fumble around with your phone while cooking anymore—just press "Start."

Take Notes

You can add notes to a recipe as you cook so next time you remember to use half the salt the recipe calls for and to let it simmer for a little longer, too.

Auto Unit Conversion

Tell it your preferred units (U.S. or metric units), and Basil will convert units for you. It'll even convert volume measurements ("2 teaspoons paprika") to weight measurements for metric users. Just like that.

Check Off Ingredients

Say you're baking cookies, and you just mixed in the brown sugar. Tap it in the ingredients list, and Basil will cross it out and turn it gray. When you move on to the next step, you'll be focused on the ingredients you still need to use—and not the ones you don't.

Share (And Save) Your Masterpieces

Share Recipes.

When you email a recipe from Basil to a friend, it attaches the recipe so they can add it right into their Basil library. It's a great way to share a new favorite recipe of yours with all of your friends and family or to get prepared for a big event.

Safe In Dropbox.

Don't worry about losing your recipes. Basil can export and import recipes to Dropbox, so your recipe library is always safe.* When importing recipes, Basil is smart enough to leave out the duplicates, too.

*Tested with a 1,000 recipe library. If your library is large, we recommend turning off image export to reduce the export file size.

Export As Text.

Basil can also export all of your recipes as plain text files, so you can get them out of Basil. They're your recipes, after all.